Character Wear: Ginger from Casino

By Dana Farber — March 15, 2012

Ginger McKenna.  What a character…Definitely one of the most beautiful, yet troubled hustlers in American cinematic history.  Sharon Stone, without a doubt, earned every Best Actress award nomination she received in 1995 after the release of the critically acclaimed Martin Scorsese film, Casino.

What do you wear when it’s the 1970′s, you’re in Vegas, and you’re married to one of the richest casino owners in the country?

Excess.  And Ginger personified pure excess in every sense of the word.

I’ll admit the 1970′s and 1980′s produced some of the most, shall we say, “interesting” design and color combinations in fashion history (and, trust me, I’m being nice when I say “interesting”) but Ginger was elegant and glamorous, while always hinting at her dark interior.

So, did you think it would be hard to recreate her look for women today? Well, it seems that 1970′s glam is coming back into fashion.  What was that?  Did you just shiver with excitement or horror?  Oh, we digress…

Back to Ginger.  One can say she definitely enjoyed being a wealthy Vegas wife and her wardrobe proved it.  Throughout the film she was rarely seen without her furs and/or dripping in jewels.

However, I chose to go with a more pared down look.  Well, as pared down as Ginger from Casino could be, that is.

Cropped tops, wide leg trousers and chunky gold jewelry is back y’all!  Who woulda thunk it?

  1. Stud Heart and Stud Trio Earring set (of 3 pair) – $22.00
  2. Top – Topshop Lace Embellished 3/4 top, $76.00
  3. Pants/trousers – Wide Leg Gabriella Pant, $119.00
  4. Sandals –, Ivanka Trunk Monalee2, $150.00
  5. Cocktail ring – Interlocked Crystal Ring in Gold, $22.00

(All Casino film images courtesy of

Would you wear any of Ginger’s fashions from Casino?  Tell us which in the comments below!

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