Glam Wraps: DIY Bracelet Tutorial

By Natalia Zaldivar — April 30, 2012

With spring officially here and summer just around the corner what better way to show off your newly bronzed skin than accessorizing with some wrist bling? These bracelets are easy, fun and perfect gifts for friends, family or yourself. Watch this short tutorial on how to make your own glam wrap bracelet and join the arm party!

If you don’t want to keep pausing my video to catch a certain step, here is a breakdown with pretty pictures and directions.


  • Clipboard
  • Super Glue
  • Tuff-cord String
  • Collapsible Needle
  • Leather (1.5-2mm)
  • 8 mm beads 16” strand

First you want to measure the leather out. There is no specific size, I usually just wrap it around my wrist and then double it, remembering to leave a little extra just in case. Then you need to cut some string, I usually take twice as much string as I have leather.

Next you want to tie a knot at the top of your leather, which is where the button will fit. You can always tie another knot if you want to have the option of adjustment. Now you can take the string you’ve already cut and tie two knots on the left side of the leather.

Weave the string underneath the right piece, over the right piece under the left piece over the left piece and repeat 5 or 6 times.

Once you’ve got your needle on the string you can thread the bead. Slide the bead down and hold it in between the leather while you take your needle under the leather and back through the bead. (Same under-over technique as used before!) Repeat until length desired.


After you’ve finished beading take the string and knot it on your piece of leather 1 or 2 times. Snip the rest of the string off so it doesn’t get in your way while you finish off the bracelet.

Tie your leather in a knot and secure it, slide your button on and then tie another knot after the button. Cut off any remaining leather.

Once you are finished you can just go through with super glue and clean up the remaining string or go over the knots a little bit so they hold really well. Now you can go show off your creativity!

You’re finally finished! All of your friends will have some serious wrist envy once they see you stacking these gems. Thanks again for watching this DIY brought to you by zuuzStyle. Remember to stay connected and subscribe to zuuzstyle updates for the latest in fashion and beauty.

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